Who are we and where are the houses located in Hungary

We are intermediaries and advisors for people who are interested to buy a house in Hungary.

We are Dutch people who have a house and partners in Hungary, the houses are nicely

priced and located in the village of Jaszantandras. We also can take care of all the paperwork,

which is very much work and mostly in Hungarian. We also have a translator available in the

Netherlands if this is necessary. We have bought our house 4 years ago and only have had fun

experiences in hungry.



The village is a hour and a half drive from Budapest, there are reasonable large cities near the village.

There is a Thermal bath and looks like the village from the fifties, with nice old fashion lampposts,

a      at the church and even carts pulled by horses sometimes. A great place to relax from the stress

of the cities, Hungarian people are very loving, helpful and trustworthy people. there are also some

shops in the village, some supermarkets and some bakeries. We have been visiting the village for over

twelve years and every time we arrive it feels like coming home.


Of course you could choose how much service you need after buying a house. this could be minimal

or maximal, like contacting water, power and gas companies. Heat the house at extreme cold weather.

In Hungary there are real olfaction winters with lots of snow also the summers are very nice and warm.




The prices on this site include the following costs.

Feel free to look at the offered houses, and imagine what you could do over there without getting tired.

Activities like gardening, swimming, looking around the province or village, enjoying the beautiful surrounding

or just relax and do nothing!